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Table of Contents for Economic Direct Democracy

Foreword by Lorenzo Fioramonti
Abbreviations and Glossary
Chapter 1: Getting There From Here
1.1 A Confluence of Crises
Six Challenges
Local Problems
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Strategy
1.4 Cooperation
Chapter 2: The LEDDA Framework and Notions of Justice
2.1 Elements of the LEDDA Framework
2.2 Notions of Justice
Adam Smith
John Rawls
Amartya Sen
Rawls, Sen, Arrow, and the LEDDA Framework
Chapter 3: Economic Direct Democracy
3.1 What Is Democracy?
3.2 Decision-Making Processes
Purchasing Decisions
Bakery Example
The Crowd-Based Financial System
Bakery Example, Continued
Chapter 4: LEDDA Impact
4.1 Integrated Approach
4.2 LEDDA Microsimulation Model
Chapter 5: Income Equality
5.1 Income and Wealth Distributions
5.2 Issues of Income Equality
5.3 Engagements
Chapter 6: Token Exchange System
6.1 Overview of Local Currencies
Local and Regional Complementary Currencies
Global Complementary Currencies
6.2 Flows in the Token Exchange System
The Token Monetary System
For-Profit and Nonprofit Organizations
Collaborative Governance System
Crowd-Based Financial System
Loan Certificate Trading System
6.3 Legal Aspects of Local Currencies
Chapter 7: Principled Business Model
7.1 Public Corporations
7.2 Socially Responsible Corporate Forms
Social Business
Nonprofits in the United States
7.3 Principled Business
7.4 Certifying a Principled Business
7.5 Diversity of Principled Businesses
7.6 Intellectual Property
Chapter 8: National Monetary and Financial Systems
8.1 Eight Differences
8.2 Debt-Free Money Creation
The Fed, Banks, and Dollar Creation
The LEDDA Approach to Token Creation
Dollar Debt
8.3 Focus on Economic Development
8.4 Inflation-Free Money
8.5 Income Inequality
8.6 Environmental Stewardship
8.7 High Transparency
8.8 Alternative Conceptual Models
Chapter 9: Collaborative Governance System
9.1 Three Branches of Collaborative Governance
9.2 Administrative Branch
9.3 Legislative Branch
Evolutionary Computation
Details of the Legislative Process
9.4 Judicial Branch
Chapter 10: Starting and Operating a LEDDA
10.1 LEDDA Startup
10.2 Businesses Diversity and Distributive Enterprises
10.3 Targeting Economic Sectors
Food and Beverage
Medical Care and Recreation
Education and Communication
10.4 Climate Change and the Environment
10.5 Interrelated Problems
10.6 Next Steps
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