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Economic Direct Democracy License

Economic Direct Democracy is made available to the public via a Creative Commons Attribution--NonCommercial--NoDerivatives license. This license grants generous rights to copy, distribute, and modify the book, subject to certain restrictions. A free PDF copy of the book is available for download. The book may be periodically updated with corrections and improvements. Revised versions may be posted to this website. If you find errors or have a suggested improvement, please contact PSP. The author receives compensation for his efforts through a progressive business model:


SiteForChange is the sole proprietorship publishing business that brought Economic Direct Democracy to life.

John also published his 2012 book Creating Sustainable Societies through SiteForChange. That book is now out of print and has been superseded by Economic Direct Democracy. The terms LEDDA, Local Economic Direct Democracy Association, Certified LEDDA, Principled Business, Certified Principled Business, and Token Exchange System are trademarks of John Boik.

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