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Download Economic Direct Democracy

Economic Direct Democracy can be ordered in paperback and e-book format at Amazon and other booksellers. In addition, a free PDF version is being made available here to spread the ideas in the book as widely as possible. We hope that the book contributes to an international dialogue about optimal social choice systems. The PDF version is free, but to help spread the ideas and support our efforts we ask three things:

  1. Mention the book to others. Consider writing a review for, or mentioning the book in a post, tweet, or blog article. If you write an article, we know of blogs that might like to publish it. Please drop us a note if we can help.
  2. Consider purchasing a paperback or e-book version from Amazon or other booksellers. Maybe send one to a friend or colleague.
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download here (right click to 'save link as')

The file is large (~4 MB) and might take a few moments to download. If you have any problem, please tell us so that we can fix it.