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Socio prospectus Program

Socio prospectus is the primary program of Principled Societies Project. Its aim is to develop new and better social choice systems. As illustrated in Figure 1 on the homepage, social choice systems are those components of the group problem-solving process that are amenable to design and innovation.

The challenge is to continually improve social choice systems. Becoming ever-better at solving problems that matter leads to ever-higher collective wellbeing, and there's no upper limit to that.

Socio prospectus conducts R&D, tests, promotes, implements, services, monitors, and reports on new and/or improved social choice system components and integrated open-source platforms. Our other program, the LEDDA framework, is a prototype of a particular local economic system, which could become part of a Socio prospectus platform.

Focus Areas

Focus areas for Socio prospectus include:

  • Computational models that forecast socioeconomic, demographic, resource, public health, and wellbeing status for small-areas (e.g., Census tracts and counties). These models also allow examination of "What if?" scenarios.
  • Information systems and applications, including survey and data repository design
  • Communication, finance, supply chain, and decision-making applications
  • Local digital currency systems
  • Education programs related to social choice system function
  • Theoretical models and worldviews upon which social choice systems are based.

We work at the community level. Potential clients include individuals, for-profit and nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. They especially include local-area volunteer "civic clubs" organized to test and implement new social choice system platforms.

Development Plan

If full funding is secured, development will occur in three phases, each about 2-3 years. At lower levels of funding, phases might last longer and models and applications might be constructed sequentially, rather than in parallel.

Phase I develops open-source computational models to forecast small-area socioeconomic, demographic, public health, and wellbeing status based on small-area factors. For example, one model will forecast local-area cancer burden.

At the start of Phase II, we begin to offer subscription and consulting/customization services to clients. Our business model somewhat resembles that of RedHat Inc., which provides services for the open-source Linux operating system. Revenues provide the bulk of funding for Phase II and III development.

Phases II and III improve and expand on previous models. By the end of Phase III, an initial integrated social-choice-system platform is completed. Community based scientific field testing of platforms begins in Phase IV. Platforms function in parallel with existing social choice systems.

Slide Deck

Below is a slide deck for social funders.

Grant and Social investment slide deck for Socio prospectus

This document is a grant and social investment slide deck for Socio prospectus.

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